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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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Question for those in favor of Picard's actions- if the Baku had bottled up the particles themselves (as opposed to settling on the planet they orbit), used them only to benefit themselves, and would not share them, would you still be sympathetic to their supposed plight?
So Kirk should have invaded and conquered the Halkans to get the dilithium they didn't want to give the federation because they were pacifists is basically what you are saying.

Because thats basically the same principal as its just the some more dirty hippies who don't want to share their awesome resource with the mighty federation don't deserve to keep it argument.

And yet Kirk did not do this.

Or heck lets look at Kodos the Executioner all he was doing was killing all those selfish people who didn't want to starve to death so the people he decided to let live would have food, so obviously needs of the many and all that jazz
The question wasn't directed at me, but...

I do think that during wartime, Kirk would have been fully justified in taking the dilithium by force if it might have meant the difference between victory and defeat, which is the situation the UFP was presented with in INS. The situation with Kodos was not analogous.

Also, even if the Federation isn't willing to take it themselves, that's a FAR CRY from actually taking on the responsibility of DEFENDING these selfish hypocrites, which is what we see in the movie.
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