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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Only they sort of didn't have a choice until grandma Janeway worked out how to stuff them.

Brings up the interesting question of what happened to those trillions of hive minds when they were cut off from the queen? Did they all go nuts? Did they land at the nearest habitable planet, build yurts and become tree-huggers? The possibilities are endless. We need a new series.
Who says that took out the Borg. I mean seriously this isn't the first time the queen was killed, they probably just adapted and are planning on invading the crap out of the federation once they get the transwarp system back online.
Which.. is basically what happens in the Destiny novels. Except there were no one cube games in that.
Actually there was at first its just they waited hours to days instead of years between sending the next one until they were condiment enough in the substance corridor things for the full scale invasion.
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