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Re: How come NOG didn't wreck the timeline in LGM?

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Until you watch an episode where that combadge along with the rest of him shapeshifts into whatever he's turning into.
If Odo has to shapeshift into something else, like a German shepherd as he does in LGM, he probably just covers up the combadge within his own 'body'. I highly doubt that Odo can actually mimic a working combadge.
Possible, but we've seen him revert to his natural state any number of times. In his bucket, linking with other Founders, in Lwaxana's lap and so forth... no comm badge. Heck when Garak was torturing him the comm badge disappears completely when Odo lost his shapeshifting ability only to reappear when he gets it back. And no, it was there before they started.

Heck this also brings up the whole universal translator thing too. It's suggested in DS9 they're chips installed in your brain. So how's that work for Odo and the Female changeling?
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