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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

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If you want to apply for Skinner's former job, the BBC is taking applications for the next ten days.
Please Note: Must supply own Contraception.

And the rumors are reignited again

-Moffat and Skinner had an "inappropriate working relationship"

-Matt Smith and Moffat fell out over the plans for the anniversary

-The character portrayed by John Hurt being used as a personal soap-box for Moffat's frustrations with Christopher Eccelston

-Series Eight is being worked on by Moffat, but the BBC have not commited to anything past Christmas.

"Skinner and Moffat's alleged rudeness to Christopher Eccleston's procrastinating which lead to Eccleston refusing to do the Anniversary Show at the eleventh hour

This will be reflected in the Hurt character

Moffat has been offered a position AWAY from Who for the eighth series and has refused to go.

The eighth series is ONLY being worked on by Moffat, but NO ONE ELSE including the BBC will commit to it after Christmas.

The BBC DO NOT want Moffat to continue. He is refusing to budge."
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