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Re: Comic Book Related Sub-Forum in SF&F?

Thanks for chimming in Alidar. I could not recall this being discussed recently and didn't think to look in the QS&F forum, sorry, so I hope that these aren't that close together in terms of inquiry.

What would constitute a need for the creation of sub forum? Number of threads? Activity of threads? As I said in my OP I'm not advocating for the removal of any other sub forum. I only used BSG and SG as examples. I participated in BSG with a rewatch thread last year and currently have one in SG so I'm not asking for removal. I used to hit the Sports one more frequently but I digress.

Is there a frequency with which the mods have discussion about the creation of new sub forums. What criteria was discussed for not creating one if brought up?

I was only trying to think of a way to streamline the SF&F forum by starting this thread. Thanks.
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