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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

Sector7, definitely get some tahini, in my opinion it's the best part! It's actually not too tough to find. Easy as pie in Seattle and NYC, but when my mom moved to a tiny town I was worried they might not have it. The Safeway by her carried it, though. You can get a big orange tin of it for about $7, usually in the "ethnic" food aisle or by the peanut butter.

Also, hummus us great for experimentation. I love it plain, but occasionally I like to throw something else in the blender with it. a few kalamata olives are delicious mixed in, as well as dried tomatoes or roasted red pepper. Have fun!

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Remember the garlic increases over time.. so if it's not quite garlicky enough it will be tomorrow I like it with lots of lemon myself.
Personally I like just a dash of lemon, but I love garlic so much that my hummus will make your mouth peel!

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