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Re: Enterprise Cutaway Coming From Dragon Models

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I've always loved how it brilliantly solves the "where's engineering" problem that has often plagued this and other Treknology boards. Although I do have to ask...where's the bowling alley?
In the primary hull, just above the weapons decks, is the TAS holodeck. I envisioned that as having a program like Hyperbowl only totally 3D and immersive. So, you could bowl in a 20th century bowling alley or on the Appian Way in ancient Rome or on a bowling green in colonial New Amsterdam or in a mudbath with the Prime Sus of Tellar.
AH yes, the TAS holodeck - forgot about that one. I notice a lot of other little TAS callouts on there as well. Quite possibly one of the best cutaways of the Connie since FJ - well done!
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