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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

The theater in Hooksett, New Hampshire, which is 65 miles from our house, was 80% full. The doc before the show was good, with Elizabeth Denehy's bits standing out. Though I thought it went about 5-10 minutes too long. I was ready for the main feature after Seth McFarlane's gush on the big build up on the end of part one. "FIRE" would have been a good end to the intro feature.
BOBW looked great on the big screen, except for the rolling scan lines that really stood out during the darker scenes. Brighter scenes it didn't stand out as much, but those floating upward bands were always present. Did this happen for every screening location?
The bloopers were hilarious! I'll never watch that scene in Yesterday's Enterprise with Richard Castille with out "You can call me Dick." popping in my head. It was fun to have a whole theater of people laughing along.
The beautiful 'Pink Moon' greeted us leaving the cinema, echoing the shots of the Enterprise in orbit above Earth with a big moon in view. Then we went out to eat, to 'make a night' to remember.
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