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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

That fuck is crucified and no one else runs from battle and everyone is saved form the next big bad.

It's sensible.

What does the US do to deserters these days?

We all know what Malcom Reynold would have done.

He would have shot the guy being tortured.

Saving the victim shouldn't have been the issue, and only an idiot wouldn't have expected consequences down the line for crossing a mob.

The bitch of the situation was all the civilians getting off on this guys pain.

Fuck them.

Although would Nolan have saved Jesus form his own crucifixion against his protestation?

"No, stop it I don't want to be saved, I'm supposed to die for every one sins, don't untie me, put that knife away, let me die up here it's part of the plan I need to die on this cross or you'll ruin everything if you get in the way of my timely death."
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