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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Are you sure? That pan included live action elements, which would have been shot on film, which is only 24 frames per second. The only time the frame rate varied in production from 24 to 30 frames per second would be model shots.
I am pretty sure. I bought the NTSC DVDs in order to do my own norm conversion since the PAL DVDs have it done with very poor scaling rendering the quality even worse than it already is (was, thanks to Blu-Ray). I prefer a PAL speed up over NTSC 3:2 pullup anytime, as I find the pitch shift far less distracting that the judder.
If you're watching a Blu-ray on an older HDTV that only refreshes at 60Hz, then you will experience judder as you would from a DVD.
Of course, I watched it in 24p. I guess, people who don't notice the issue don't have 24p displays and see judder all the time. Maybe that would hide the issue with this scene. Those in charge for the editing do watch on 24p displays, don't they?

And since I did a norm conversion of the entire show for private use, there was no way around noticing certain oddities like "Identity Crisis" has 30fps throughout major parts of the episode.
Btw., the editing job of TNG is still rather consistent. The editing in LEXX is far more crazy for instance.
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