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I assume you didn't get around, just yet, to moderating your fellow BBS moderator who, several pages back, accused a fellow forumite of supporting, if not committing, motion picture piracy? I presume it's ok to flame people if you're a mod here?
I don't want to make extra trouble for M'Sharak, but I felt this needed to be clarified since in the midst of trying to throw someone else under the bus to distract attention away from your own over the top comments about drowning complainers, you managed to come to the completely opposite interpretation of what I actually said.

I asserted that they WOULDN'T be bootlegging the film and WOULD be paying the full price to see it in the theater so they could continue to argue with knowledge about the details of the film. There was no accusation of bootlegging on their part, just that sometimes they claim to have seen a bootleg at a friend's house so that they can brag about not wasting their money on the film. See the difference?

It's not even flaming even if I had said what you contend, and it sure is hell isn't remotely on par with saying you would like to drown people.
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