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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I suppose it depends how much credence you'll want to give to "director's intent" over what actually ended up on screen.

For example, the chapel was clearly intended to seem to open up onto the main corridor, for Kirk's final stride. Putting a 4' door in place of the 3' door would not mess up the structural integrity of the ship and besides the barely glimpsed tri-arch this planned layout does not conflict with anything else. So, should we take it as the truth?

Likewise the 4' double door into McCoy's office could easily be shrunk to a 3' size to match with the office interior - as clearly was the director's intention.

In fact, "director's intent" could smooth over a lot of the stickier points in interpreting the Television Enterprise.

HOWEVER (and this is just my own personal opinion) I do feel that what we see on screen should be given priority over design and directorial intent (whacky flashbacks not withstanding). The final appearance of the episode is what forms the "historical documents" and however useful the intent of the director and set designer (?forced perspective abuse!) might be in guiding our understanding, the end result is what really matters


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If I'm not mistaken this is one of the few instances where they added a side door to the set before it became a standard feature in Season 3.
Yep, I don't think this side door was used again until The Tholian Web, 2 years later! Design-wise, it is an odd place to have a door, especially with another one so near round the corner. Luckily, the two are not onscreen together very often.
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