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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

I think it's reasonable to discuss how useful this ship would be in battle. We have seen in Star Trek how small ships are able to defeat larger ships, i.e. the Defiant against the Lakota and, in the mirror universe, the Defiant against the Regent's flagship. In my analysis, I, also, include real world history.

This ship is built to counter Klingon aggression. The Klingons have Bird-of-Preys that are fast, maneuverable ships. Smaller ships can overwhelm a larger ship. I once saw in a picture a pod of orcas taking down a blue whale. This behemoth is a blue whale waiting to be taken down by Klingon orcas.

Personally, I am repulsed by this trend in Star Trek towards ridiculous large ships and stations. None of the ships in the last three films I feel have the elegance and grace of the original Enterprise, or the warlike majesty of the K't'inga-class warships. I don't want cool; I want and desire a ship that inspires in me an emotion other than
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