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Ummm... anyway... mass drownings aside...

I didn't bother holding off on spoiling myself. I've been disappointed way too many times by wanting to remain "pure" until opening day (Alien Resurrection... one of the most grand disappointments in my entire life). Spoilers of Nemesis saved me cash and overwhelming disappointment. Last year I tried again by remaining chaste with regard to Prometheus (and walked out of the theater with a bitchin' continuity headache and rancid, fan-wank xenomorph goo all over me... had to take a shower)... but I digress.

Suffice to say, I couldn't leave STID to chance and I'm quite content with what I've read here.

I have to agree with the earlier posts about this film being JJ's "Kobayashi Maru" test. It was going to be a no-win scenario, Khan or no-Khan... some finite group of fans was going to get pissed.

I'm fine with it being Khan, even more pleased that BC gets to play him. He's hands-down spectacular at all he does.

I'm also fine with the elements of TWOK that have been turned on their head. FRINGE did something similar (once it delved deeply into the RedVerse) by using the characters differences "over there" to push and develop the main characters further. I'm hopeful that JJ is doing something not entirely dissimilar with the cast in STID (and it sounds like he is, i.e. Adm. Pike being Kirk's father-figure and how much of Kirk is nature vs. nurture).

5/17 can't get here fast enough. I've already taken the day off work, have a lunch date scheduled with the wife and will take my boys to see it the same weekend.

It's gonna be a good weekend, tater...
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