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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Is it that humans don't use money, or The Federation doesn't use money? I have always (despite lack of anything definitive stated onscreen) thought of the UFP as the national-level government - the level of goverment that mints currency. The name itself suggests the UFP is a federal republic. It would not make sense for a nation to have money while one of its states/provinces did not.

Just because people aren't paid for their work (Jake's writing) does not mean that money/credits are not distributed some other way. Perhaps the UFP issues everyone a certain amount of credits as welfare, or perhaps work FOR the Federation is not paid, but private work is.
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I think Starfleet officials in particular are given suitable credit for trading wherever currency is required. That's how Crusher got cloth, Scotty got his "pay", and how they are all able to go to bars. Bars have to operate with currency by law to put some sort of limit on drinking
I think it's Humans don't use money on earth. The Federation seems to use money for dealing with other cultures, and Starfleet officers may be paid since they are in space and are likely to deal with other cultures that use money.

However the average human relies only on earth replicators and technology for their needs (according to this theory).

This is what brought up the idea that humans might be financially isolated on earth.

They have all their needs fulfilled at no cost, BUT--they have to stay on earth to enjoy it. If they leave they will be completely resource-less, unless they are in a Federation or Starfleet facility.

Jake lived on a Starfleet base, so he had access to their free replicators, but the moment he tried any transaction that didn't involve currency, he was helpless, since by his own words, as a human he didn't carry money.

I'm not into the "Federation is communist stuff", but it's an interesting way at looking at Trek society, that makes it both creepy and fascinating.
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