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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I simply meant that the sets could appear in reality for our heroes, rather than relying on "shock flashbacks etc. In my opinion, these sort of get-out clauses should be avoided whenever possible (however useful they might be!)
Yes, I concur 100%. It should only be a last resort and prior to reading your post I speculated what that could be that looks like a turbo lift inside.
Because of the similar shape of the "turbo lift window" and the "handle allusion" I thought that might be a storage place for an antigrav unit (someone in the medical department is currently using, that's why the antigrav unit is not in place...).
Obviously you can move the examination and excercise table but what about those bulky beds (just the other day I had a morbid thought: these beds also serve as coffins in case the patient died. The entire shape of the sickbay beds looks like you could put a cover hatch on these...)?

As for the "environmental ladder" booth (good thing we don't see the ladder) I thought this might be a storage space for McCoy's EVA space suit. I think at least the senior officers on the ship should have their personal EVA suits in their quarters. In case of an emergency decompression that would still enable the senior officers to act.

Mytran wrote: View Post
I also had in mind that this particular office might be completely separate from McCoy's usual one - this is the room attached to his sleeping quarters (in other words, his personal private PERSONAL office)...As my diagram above illustrates, a slight wavering of the circular corridor need not be a serious problem. After all, the Season 1 set had just such a twist at one end (again, near the Sickbay set).
Yes, I had the same thought. Normally, I'd agree that the wavering of the Season 1 corridor end wouldn't be a problem (in AT we do not see the end of the corridor when Spock leaves the turbo lift) but in this case there's still the corridor end from TI (security crewmen exiting turbo lift) and in Cg we (fortunately) don't see the entire corridor end...

I see that in your graphic the office is to the right. Let me try both options in the Deck 5 revision to see which one raises less questions than the other.

Mytran wrote: View Post
As to the reasons why the director & editor chose to use the flopped footage, I believe it was same reason as the "turbolift flashback" - they needed a shot they didn't have, and so re-used a scene from earlier in the episode. In the case of the corridor shot however, they had used the shot only a minute or so earlier - flopping the footage at least helped to make it look slightly different.
I think you're right but I believe the DP's intention was only to tell us, that this scene takes place where we'd usually (expect to) see the tri-ladder and the brig before the engineering section set, so I'm inclined not to take it too literal. Like the aforementioned turbo lift shot with Nomad, the resolution of this shot is of bad quality (in HD) and doesn't have the crystal sharp look.

Mytran wrote: View Post
Worse still, there' no way it can be the same corridor, let alone the same doors - here you can clearly see an A-frame (which is of course absent in the curving corridor)

(click for full size)
Oh my, I had never noticed the A-frame earlier. Good eyes!
But this is almost a friendly reminder not to take the footage too literal. I'm grateful that the clever editing (though apparently not 100% perfect at all times) provided us with more interesting spaces to discover. If I'm not mistaken this is one of the few instances where they added a side door to the set before it became a standard feature in Season 3.

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