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Re: Do we want to know the Doctor's secret?

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It makes no sense for there to be a random button that makes a random bit of ledge disappear. It's a deus ex machina that has no logical place in the story.
It makes emotional sense, it's surprising, funny and deeply satisfactory because it's the tenth Doctor first significant victory. But no, it doesn't make sense in a real-world-logic way, and I can see how that could be annoying if you're interested in that kind of things.

Well, Black Mirror is a show that deconstructs and satirises the media whereas RTD just filled the show with as much celebrity culture as is possible in order to grab ratings. This had the effect of making it date very fast. What was "cool" in 2006, now looks incredibly lame, dated and confused. Your mileage may vary.
It does vary, yes. I can remember quite a few stories where pop culture was satirized in RTD's Doctor Who. Just off the top of my head, the Britney Spears song in The End of the World, a song which, quite obviously no one remembers and no one really listens to and is only played because a bunch of decadent rich people desperately want to feel a connection to old Earth but can't because they can't be bothered to learn anything about it, is, in my opinion, a clever pop culture reference.
What? Toxic is like one of her best songs EVAH!

It's easy to look back with hindsight and say it's wonderful that the Beatles were played on Who but that is with a lot of hindsight. For all anyone at the time knew the Beatles were a mere flash in the pan who'd quickly become a footnote in history.

I wasn't always keen on RTD's celebrity nods, but they were rarely more than brief cameos and mostly didn't impact on the plot, and hey in future people watching episodes will probably just think McFly were a made up band designed to give the episode some colour. Is it really that different to John Cleese in City of Death or Hale and Pace in Survival?

But yeah, RTD wasn't always great on endings, although in fairness even though a lot of them were rubbish they were often foreshadowed and didn't quite come out of nowhere (Tooth and Claw, Last of the Timelords).

Being completely honest and up front I'd take Moffat over RTD, but again if I'm completely honest I don't always love Moffat Who as much as I expected to, and sometimes I do miss a dash of RTD in-your-faceness.
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