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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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I must admit that I do this, too. I read my completed post, then go back and re-write and edit, then post, then do it all over again. This is as much from my OCD as from my "Grammar Nazi" training. [I hate the word Nazi and wish there was another term for it. My Jewish blood boils at anything Nazi.]
I agree that it's not a nice term. I'm not Jewish so that's not it (although I am gay, and the Nazis weren't overly fond of the gays either), but I just don't like such a negative word being applied to people who actually just want to stick to the rules and do things correctly.

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Look at the trouble anyone has had trying to come with a simple gender-neutral pronoun (the current attempt is "yo").
Current attempt by whom? If it's something that's being attempted over in the UK, I don't think that would be too successful on this side of the pond, mostly because of the large number of Spanish speakers here. "Yo" is the Spanish word for the pronoun "I".
I know, but it's an experiment by school kids in Maryland, apparently.

I don't think it will ever catch on, and I agree that the single generic "they" is fine. But, they're trying.

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