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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

I had lots of fun tonight going to see BOBW on the big screen.

I got there 30 minutes early to see everyone waiting outside the theater room. I was worried that the whole thing was canceled, but it turned out to be that an employee was just a little late cleaning things up. The preshow Quiz on screen were cute. I got all of them right after answering them in my head. They must have shown those pictures of people Borgafied from the online app about a million times though! It must have been from the same link that I posted a while ago? The one with the small Borg standing besides some huge yellow flowers was quite out there.

The documentary shown before BOBW was quite indepth, though I expect that it was an edited version of the one that is going to be on the separate BD release. There were lots of interesting info at the making of the episode. Pretty much all of TNG cast was involved. I was surprised how much Elizabeth Dennehy was involved though, newcomers might have mistaken her for one of the main cast members. It was interesting how she learned to deal with being on a Sci Fi show like TNG, and how unprepared she was at first. The tidbit of information about Frakes asking her to play up some heat between Riker and Shelby was a riot because they still didn't know how Part 2 could have gone. Dennehy wondered if he asked all the female guest stars that! The only person we didn't hear anything from was Gates McFadden.

Onto BOBW, it was great. I have no problems with the remastered effects. They did a great job going back to the quality of the first season. We still got the scenes cutting to black unlike what a previous poster said, but I am glad I was prepared for the edited scene with Riker's order to fire and the cut to the scene with the Enterprise firing from the deflector. I still prefer the cliffhanger ending from Part 1, nothing beats that ending. The new Season 3 uniforms looked great and reminded me of when we saw them clearly for the first time in "Generations". All the ship shots, the Enterprise and the Borg cube were quite nice. The planets were all nearly movie quality effects, the best was of Earth near the end of the episode. I'm quite glad they seem to be keeping those kind of quality shots for the planets for season 4 and probably all future seasons.

The bloopers were fun. Guinan had the best ones with him telling Geordi to **** a program, and her crazy wiggle while the camera was on her. Patrick Stewart has quite the funny freak out face when he flubs his lines doesn't he? Nice to see the new season 4 teaser too.

Overall it was great. There were about 70 people there, in a stadium theater that could probably hold 200. My audience had one guy going as a redshirt from TOS. The best part was that while I was leaving, I heard a woman saying how she had been hoping they had also shown the "First Contact" movie too!
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