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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

A large, packed house in downtown San Francisco. A bunch of Command and Academy bigwigs must have come straight from the office, because there were uniforms everywhere, and one guy with an impressive amount of Borg costuming.

Big laughs at Wesley's foibles, the "heat" between Rikes and Shelby, and, breaking the tension, towards the end: Picard says "sleeeep", and Crusher exclaims "he's exhausted!" Oh, and the yellow-shirt toss in that scene got a laugh, too.

The ep itself was pretty darn good, if a tad claustrophobic when taken in all at once on such a large screen. But hey, didn't the cube blow up right on top of Earth? Could definitely have used a bit more denouement to address that and Picard's recovery instead of Guinan's out-of-nowhere Ready Room pep talk.

Anyhow, tons of fun, and definitely worth the price at least this one time. Would love to see AGT at the same spot.
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