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Cadet = original series RPG

"It is illegal and extremely dangerous to take on board a Starfleet shuttlecraft, transporter beam or starship any hazardous materials or life-forms.

Specific instructions for shipping these materials safely can be obtained from your regional cargo office.

Samples of each of the main hazardous materials categories follow:

Biological life-forms: tribbles, horta.

Poisons and Etiological Agents: Scalosian water, tetralubisol.

Corrosives: acids, cleaners, trimagnesite, diburinium.

Radioactives: tritium, radiopharmaceuticals, or any delta ray emitting device.

Each violation can result in a civil penalty or a criminal penalty and/or imprisonment for the individual.

Starfleet is a division of the United Federation of Planets.

A complete list of items may be obtained by contacting Starfleet Command."

>>The notice accompanies your assignment as a crew member on board one of the ships of Classic Trek

Classic Trek is your home for the finest 'Original Series' era role playing on the web. Our message boards chronicle the adventures of Starfleet's finest crews as they 'boldly go' during the heyday of manned space exploration. You'll seek out new life and visit all those strangenew worlds you've always dreamed about.

Our adventures are played out on a message board based RPG. Set in the Star Trek original series (TOS) timeline, our main emphasis is on strong, well written character driven stories.

If you have a new TOS era character in mind that you'd like to add to our forums or if you're ready to bring your character to the finest consortium of Trek Gamers in the galaxy, join today.

If you've got the right stuff for a command post and are interested in launching a new ship within our stellar fleet; fill out our captain's aplication.

We gladly accept any of the canon TOS ships of the line, the multitude of FASA ships as well as other variants. Help us form our fleet with finest ships and the best crews in TOS roleplay.

We cordially invite you to join us at Classic Trek. Create a character so you can get in on the fun and contact one of our site administrators with questions or concerns. Feel free to send our link to anyone who you think might be interested in fine, free TOS role playing.
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