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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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No warmongering. Just the opposite in fact as history has shown us that the biggest invite to war is one side feeling the risk is disproportionately small in relation to the percieved reward. Which is partly what the Romulan Commander and Spock were both speaking to in the episode "Balance of Terror."
And the Federation has consistently shown the Romulans that open war with them would not be a good idea. They had a Treaty with them for over 50 years wherein the Romulans had the Cloak and the Romulans still did nothing.

No, that's an unfortunately shallow interpretation that I'm sure a great many writers would find dispiriting
Hey, if something works and keeps billions from dying for over 50 years and there's little hint of any further war and the Feds have not lost respect from any of their peers, why mess with it?

I would politely suggest that perhaps you should review both episodes and then review your statement for correctness.
The Romulan Elder Centurion in BOT even says that this is what they do, test to see if the enemy will be willing to defend themselves. If not, then it's war. The Enterprise hunted them down and destroyed them, which discouraged the Romulans from further invasion.

Respectfully, your "clarification" is based on what?
That without FTL, the Romulan ship wouldn't have been able to go anywhere fast enough for the plot to work. Impulse back then just meant "Less powerful FTL".

Not true. Many examples of the TNG era being just as militant as the TOS era (plus an extra dash of smug haughtiness and hypocrisy added to taste).
Though not enough to discourage the warmongers.

Again, we know from history the tragic irony of war coming about precisly because oneside attempted to avert conflict through appeasement, and when that policy fails it usually comes with a price tag many times more than it would have been if situations had been delt with more succinctly.
Except being willing to negotiate and compromise does NOT always fail, and billions alive are better than billions dead.
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