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Dude I dunno where you got these but while the porportions look close, the scale cant possibly be accurate.. Picards room looks way bigger than it is on the show. I also note the lack of the couch he kept behind the chairs.
There is a couch, but it's not visible in that render due to my bad choice of angled lighting which is creating shadows. There may also be a recessed area there, I haven't used the set much. The couch is where that dark area is at the bottom. There's also no fish tank and few room decorations, except for what seems to be an empty bookcase. The door to the bridge would be at lower left, but it's part of the included bridge set. Both sets shown above were found at Renderosity. It can be tough to get good camera angles on them without making some walls invisible or opening doors, depending on lens size. There may be some scale problems, but I'm not using the sets for an authentic Trek project.

Here's another angle in a quickie render, with a figure seated at the desk and alternate textures and 28mm lens. I think the show used 20 or 25. The door visible leads to the little alcove where presumably the captain's private head would be:
Things like camera angles, lighting and even the colors of the walls and furniture all alter the perception of the actual size of any television set, and that is what we are talking about. The first thing you need to realize is that Voyager's sets were by and large redressed TNG sets. They changed the angles sometimes and the shapes of the windows but with the exception of the bridges you are looking at the same sets.

This becomes even more clear when you realize that the sets used for the Enterprise E are redressed Voyager sets again with the bridge being the exception. The reason that Voyager got a Stellar Cartography lab in their fifth season was because the set was built for "First Contact". Heck they even used Voyager's Sick Bay set without hardly changing a thing. Picard's quarters are Janeway's.

Does it hurt the enjoyment of the Voyager's series just because you perceive that Janeway's Ready Room is bigger than Picards? I have all the issues of the Star Trek Magazine, in various issues are schematics of every ship, from Enterprise to Voyager and finally Enterprise E, some of which you can now find on line. The art of Set Decoration depends on the ability to fool the eye.

But if you want proof, simply watch TNG and Voyager and when you get to the ready room, count the steps of the person waling up to the Captain's desk. If you leave a little jiggle room for actor height you will see that we are talking about comparable size.
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