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Why did he specifically have to be Khan, though? Would the film have really been missing anything if he wasn't?
FACT: If the writers had made this an original villain, a very large group of Trekkers would now be screaming:

"Missed opportunity! Imagine if this had have been Khan instead! We could have seen how this timeline's Kirk and Spock would have handled him!!!!! Orci & Kurtzman - the coward fools! - weren't brave enough to tackle Star Trek's finest, most well-known villain. He is the equivalent to Joker in the Batman comics and movies!"

No-win scenario.
hallelujah, somebody finally said what needed to be said. and i agree with you Therin.
Agreed, the kind of Trek that these people like isn't the kind of Trek that anyone else wants and the fact of the matter is that where it was shown that Trek died on it's arse and got cancelled repeatedly in both the TV and movie sense, Trek is now alive and moving on in a spectacular fashion because JJ got people interested again.

I'd go futher, I'd round up all these miserable excuses for fans who do nothing but bitch about every little detail like the Sheldon Cooper's that they are and put them in a big chamber and pump it full of water until the noise stopped.

Perhaps they can put jerk off watching Spock's Brain or whatever episode gives them a litte stiffy.
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