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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

I went with the old man tonight. We’d gone to the 2nd season one together and we both enjoyed so he decided to join me at this one. Had a great time, of course, though not as much so as the last one.

I thought the documentary was somehow less interesting than the previous ones were. I also wish they had shown it after the episode; it did spoil things, and not just for newbies. I also missed the conversation with the reunion panel of cast members. That was really something. I hope it returns for later events.

The event was also a bit of a sad reminder for me that I am in an apparently rather small minority of Trek fans for whom, well… “Best of Both Worlds” just doesn’t quite do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great 2-parter, with some fantastic moments within. But it just doesn’t quite affect me on that gut level (unlike, say, “All Good Things”).

I think part of this is because I never experienced it as a cliff-hanger when I first saw it during TNG syndication time on TNN. For various reasons, I knew what happened before I saw the episode. So I never got the shock factor multiplied by four months waiting for the conclusion.

Anyway. I also think that BoBW doesn’t work so well as a feature-length episode. Echoing what Mott said, without the shock factor at the end of part 1 (I couldn’t believe they edited out half of that musical tag! Especially after Seth MacFarlane made a point about it during the documentary), the first half is a lot of exposition: a lot of talking, a lot of planning, a lot of meetings, a lot of verbal tension between Riker and Shelby (ha! and some “heat”! lol!). As my dad put it, it was good, but felt like a normal TNG episode. The second half really picked up though, which was great, but made you wish the whole thing could’ve moved at that pace. (And then you realize that they basically did exactly that with First Contact!)

In any case, there were still an awful lot of great moments (like Data’s facial expressions every time Shelby does something out-of-line!). It was very enjoyable, but I think they would’ve done better to include “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and either BoBW Part 1, as Mott suggested, or something like “The Offspring,” or “The Most Toys” (that episode is effing intense; I rewatched it recently and realized that Data is a freaking boss in it; such a well-acted yet subtle power struggle), or even “The Defector”. I recently rewatched “The Defector,” as well, with a stereo sound system and realized that, for whatever reason, maybe it’s the music, it’s a total nailbiter. That warbird squaring off with the Enterprise at the beginning? Epic. Would’ve loved to see that on the big screen.

Absolutely loved the bloopers, as always.

Great time, despite all I’ve said here. I think they’re gonna do this for the remaining four seasons, which makes me very happy indeed.
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