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Re: You know what I wish we saw in Star Trek 2009?

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Spock: "Erm, sorry Jim, you weren't supposed to see that. I had a hell of a weekend on Risa, that's why I didn't reach Romulus in time..."
Is that what it takes to get aRisa out of Spock in his middle years?

That 'valve turn-left-goes-slow/turn-right-goes-fast' line makes me think of those two barrelled phasers in the Abrams that look like garden hose nozzles. The pain, the pain ...

what I wished I saw in the movie? No point in saying I wished I saw something of the real characters instead of these animated shades, because that is too obvious and also too big of a wish to be granted. But I'd have liked to at least have seen an SF movie with just the slightest bit of credibility in storytelling and/or science. They pile up indignity and stupidity one after the other, till that 'escape the black hole' lunacy that would have hurt my opinion of a good movie but just reconfirmed my feeling about the whole thing with an extra little kick in the ankle about how megadumb this all was.

And of course at least 9000% less lens flare. TMP-level is probably about right, though you could have pushed to DIE HARD 1 level and it might have been beautiful (and actually appropriate instead of becoming willful fetishistic destruction of the filmed image.)
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