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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Just got back from the theater and I had an absolute blast. I think the last time I had this much fun was the night I went to see The Avengers. There is just something about going to a night showing with a packed theater and everyone has the same interests that you have. I even saw a friend from Church there and I talked with him before the show started. In a sense, I did end up going with some one. Some overall thoughts on the evening:

-Is Ira Behr trying to look like Iggy Pop, who is his idle? Man when did he decide to have a purple beard. At least the Glasses were still intact. I'm really looking forward to hearing what he has to say on the features because he was really genuine here and I agreed with nearly everything he said. I know he doesn't like the series, but without bashing the series, he was critical of it and had some well reasoned and great thoughts, especially about Picard being stuck in the mud.

-I really wish we had more Elizabeth Dennehy. What a great personality she was and she had some awesome stories to tell. I'm not going to buy the BOBW blu-ray set (I've seen the movie and I think I prefer the original version) but I would love to hear all of "Engaging the Borg", just to hear her. Again, Burnett and Ley Jr. are striking an awesome chord of features that make the original special features look amazingly bad.

-The work on the remastering here is extraordinary. I think it will look a lot better on an HD TV at home, but in the theater, I just loved the atmosphere. Again, like I said, you are there with other Star Trek fans. When you mention nerdy facts, other people understand you. Honestly, this is the closest thing I've come to actually going to a convention and it's just amazing.

-The gag reel was hilarious. I was saying to my friend I think I know where the TNG porn parody came from . The 3 sex jokes had the theater absolutely rolling.

-As for those who wish the feature was after the episode, I think I liked it better before. Granted, there are spoilers, but we're talking about an episode that was 23 years old. I just really liked how this feature talked about the episode in great detail, like the graveyard scene, or the possibility of Stewart leaving. Again, Dennehy was the real highlight here.

Looking forward to the Season 4 event. Tonight was amazing, and the theater wasn't sold out, but it was really full still. I guess my next experience with this will have to be May 16th when I see Star Trek Into Darkness.

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