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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

^That's a hell of a dessert -- and yeah, easily as much sugar and fat as a cake. If you want a healthful fruit salad just mix all your fruit in a bowl with som plain yogurt, a dash of vanilla, and maybe some coconut. Top with a dallap of whipped cream and you've still got dessert, but a lot healthier.
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^tsq, that sounds delicious!

I found a tasty hummus at Aldi's (grocery store). I tried the red pepper hummus and found it to be addictive and delicious. I have yet to try making my own hummus. It was easier to buy it on my first tasting.

Now that I know I like it, I want to make my own. Is it OK to use canned chickpeas? That is all we have around here.

The nearest farmer's market to me is in Charlotte, North Carolina. That is over an hour drive, not to mention that I hate driving in the big city. I have become comfortable with my rural home... perhaps, too much.
You should totally make your own, homemade is the best! And yes, canned chickpeas are perfect. Chickpeas are actually really hard to deal with dry. You can soak and boil the fuckers for days and they never seem to get fully tender!

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