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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Currently continuing to read the DS9 books and have started "The Big Game" (DS9 #4) by a pen name for a corporate author (not the Borg). The introduction was good. I also just got Season 7 of DS9 from the city library (Vancouver) as I tend to wish to watch the TV series separately and to assist reading of the books. I do not necessarily buy in to the idea that the films are canon and the books secondary. I was at a thrift store recently and got a copy of "Makers of Modern Strategy: From Machiavelli to Hitler (1943, Princeton University Press, 1971). There was a later edition covering more modern material too.

I know the Star Trek canon (whatever this may be) is not reputed to be true to military strategy and tactics (i.e., is not truly military science fiction) though I guess that Gene Roddenberry did have some military and police training; but, DS9 comes close to having military issues as a major theme. Ideas about military strategy and tactics and Star Trek shall have to simmer in my mind for a while.

It was interesting to know that von Bulow may have suffered from some kind of paranoid disorder. Are some people who suffer psychosis subject to internalizing the various kinds of external conflicts and can this make such people excellent military or conflict theorists?

Were Wittgenstein and Hitler both "compensated psychotics" and would this type of disordering be eliminated in a peaceful future or would it be bred into something different (perhaps a Khan Noonien Singh)?

I liked the episode of DS9 where genetically 'enhanced' individuals were people readers worked with by a medical professional with strategic awareness himself. Would people in the future take risks in order to produce exceptional people readers and knowledge workers at the cost of an occasional very bad person?

Of course, von Bulow and other paranoids from the further past may have suffered from STDs or other infectious diseases. We assume that these would be eliminated in the future.

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