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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Packed house in a "mid size" stadium theater here in Miami. The previous two screenings were in smaller theaters.

Everything looked amazing. You can most definitely tell CBS D was back on this one. Night and day from season 2. The exterior shots, particularly of the admirals ship with the blue atmospheric haze reflecting off of it in orbit in the beginning was very cool and made the Repulse in season 2 look like crap.

Also, the beauty pass of the 4 footer first used in pt 2 which would essentially replace the older stock shot of the 6 footer from earlier in the series looks really nice in HD.

Anyone else notice CBS Ds latest transporter effect seemed a little different in the initial swipe stage before the sparkly part begins? Maybe it's just the the nature of the hd re-creation.

Borg interior looked amazing. Locutus makeup held up well, and I never noticed the spot on his head after they destroy the ship where the tubing was before. You couldn't see that in standard def.

My one beef with this whole experience was the edit from 1 to 2. I know they had to do it this way because of the music, but besides missing the end of Jones' theme, they cut that awesome part of the beginning of 2 where the deflector builds up and the look of total helplessness on the face of the crew that either A: they're not gonna make it out alive or B: they're about to kill their captain.

I still stand by what I said months ago. They should've done a s3 ep (take your pick of the many excellent ones) and part 1 fully intact. Then do part 2 fully intact for the next screening plus maybe Family to round it out. It would have been fun to recreate the waiting we all had to do that summer many years ago.

Overall though a great night!
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