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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

This is cool to hear. I was hooked from the first issue on. It's sad to see it go but I am surprised that I, Vampire lasted as long as it did. My judgments have nothing to do with the writing or art, which were both top notch. I just felt that I, Vampire needed to be a Vertigo book. I think sticking that story inside the DCU limited it.

But with American Vampire being at Vertigo, I didn't think that DC would have two vampire series there (this was before New Deadwardians-is that still ongoing? In any event, American Vampire and I, Vampire felt more similar in tone than New Deadwardians anyway).

I'm looking forward to picking up the last issue of I, Vampire whenever I make it back to the comic book shop. I've read every issue of the new series, but perhaps missed one or two of the crossover books.

I think it started spinning its wheels a bit toward the end-though I have to wonder if that was because of the creative ceiling being in the DCU put on it, in addition to the realization of the book's cancellation on the part of the creative team-I still find I, Vampire one of the best vampire stories in comic form I've ever read. I'm hoping it goes out with a bang.
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