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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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It's awesome that Peggy stole the account away from him.
Did she? I thought they said J. Walter Thompson got it.
Right. When Chaough said something about slicing off a part of business for the small firms to fight over, he was referring to his firm as well as SCDP.
Thanks for clearing that up guys. I was confused - I also thought Ted and Peggy got the account. Is Stan going to get in shit once it's found out he was the weak link? I never thought I'd see Ken angry at Don/Pete but he's right about the 'being known for loyalty' thing. They still have Jaguar and lots of other clients, so I don't think they'll be giving up the second floor anytime soon.

Actually, I predict there will be no return to the penny pinching days of the firm, I think the show is from now on going to explore the pitfalls of success and the misery of being unable to achieve true happiness. That's something Don certainly can't deal with.

Outstanding episode, the best of the new season by far. Glad the spousal cheating was at an all time low and finally some Joan storyline. I certainly hope she holds her own and doesn't end up leaving - I fear Harry's ultimatum may include buying out Joan's partnership from her. Harry's always been such an asshole to her. He's not a very nice person in general.

But I'm thrilled to see Peggy and Don are finally going to headbutt each other!! Don's good but she's better. But we know Don will do anything to win these things. Remember Life Cereal's "the cure for the common breakfast?" In a way, I kind of hope that the series ends with Peggy buying Don out of SCDP. I have no idea where she is going as a character but she's fascinating.

Don's pitch was more clever but not what they wanted... Peggy did seem to understand they wanted to see their bottle in the ad.

Don is such a professional taker. He takes everything including the spirit of his wife. He is absolutely going to break her this season and I wish that it could happen quickly like a band aid but it'll probably come slow. Thing is, I could actually see Don changing his mind about the swinging/wife swapping. Don may try and use that against her or something. However the swap turns out, if it happens or not, I'm sure it'll end with Megan's character being written off 'To Have and To Hold.' I wonder if that soap's title is meant to reflect on how Don sees Megan - a prize for him to keep but not enjoy, he's tired of her as he tires of things and aches for something new, again the Dr. Maye Miller quote, "you only like the beginning of things."

This season is going to be absolutely gut wrenching. Can't wait for Sunday!
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