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Casadee Pope was the first result that didn't baffle me. I was rooting for Trevin Hunte but she would have been my second choice.

What completely baffled me was Jermaine Paul. I'm 90% sure he would have never done so well if not for his association with Alicia Keys.
I guess we just don't have similar tastes, because I didn't like Trevin Hunte much and was pleasantly surprised when he was eliminated. Terry McDermott was really the only one in the final 5 or so that I felt like deserved the win, his voice was very beautiful and moving to me. Trevin was another that I felt had kind of a generic voice. Great singer, but just did not hold my attention, same with Cassadee Pope.

But I agree completely about Jermaine Paul. He was truly boring and I couldn't really understand how he won. I gave up on other shows that include "America's vote" a while ago because the results almost never make any sense. They often leave me thinking, "who the hell are these people voting?!?!" This is why I actually don't like the live rounds of The Voice. I still watch just to finish out what I've already started, but really after the Knockout Rounds I don't consider the show nearly as good.
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