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Re: The Week I loved Legacy! [Skirmish]

trekkier wrote: View Post
How do you select the enemys ships from the skirmish menu? Ive been able to select mine, but im unsure how to select the computers...if that makes sense?
You can't. Unlike most Trek space shooters you can only select your fleet and the AI selects its fleets depending on the difficulty level - I think.

You can opt to get a couple of big battleships or a bunch of smaller, less powerful ships. The result is a shorter or longer battle.

Infern0 wrote: View Post
What did everyone find so bad about it?

I mean it was average but not terrible?
Here's our problem - I think most of us played the game with some sort of preset expectations and they were of existing, successful and fun space shooters. When this game came out, the expectations were off the charts. Many of us were still playing Bridge Commander. I'll bet many of us still are. So when the gameplay wasn't an overall improvement of what we enjoyed from Bridge Commander a lot of us found ourselves using the disc as a coaster.

Two comparisons that always come to my mind are Starfleet Command and Bridge Commander, the former being a solid take on the TOS-TMP era and a true tribute to the board game. Bridge Command was the first to nail the 3D aspect of ship/ship combat and they nailed it in the TNG era.

CaptainStoner wrote: View Post
I don't think I ever saw how you can place ships and stations, so quick battle was pointlessly dumb, just ships flying at each other, circling and shooting.
The truth is, Legacy is unique and successful in giving us something unique: an experience to fight up to 4 ships at a time and assign a "respawn" count. Sure, you can't place ship and stations but you can do other things that you couldn't in games previous.

The respawning of your fleet can give real fun to playing a skirmish because you can squeeze a lot more life out of it, make a fleet of 4 ships and fight the computer with a respawn count of 5 or 6 - you've got a decent 15 minute game with some overall strategy that makes it much more fun... instead of just pinging off each ship you have to consider taking out large battleships by sacrificing others, etc. This layer of depth is new to me. And that's part of what I've been enjoying for the replay.

For anyone replaying it, experiment with upping the time limit and the number of respawns. If you assemble a decent fleet it can be very rewarding.
The controls on consoles are terrible, yes, but if you play it for a few hours you'll find the controls less obnoxious.
Finally... try not to think of previous Trek games! Legacy is kind of a gem that has actually aged pretty well. I can't believe I bought it used for $6. I've certainly squeezed more enjoyment out of it than the price paid.

CaptJimboJones wrote: View Post
I thought the Xbox version wasn't bad - not the best game ever but I did enjoy it. And I agree the skirmish mode added a bit of replayability. Reading this thread may even inspire me to dig the disc out and pop it in.

That said, I also made the mistake of initially buying the PC version, which for me was utterly unplayable. Wonky controls, graphics issues, just a real mess.
That was a couple of years ago... I wonder if newer computers/graphics cards/processors etc have improved the game at all? Or perhaps a late patch release?
I wonder if any of the people who worked on the game post here... if so, I'd like them to both congratulate them on making such a unique game in the Trek universe and apologize that most of us didn't realize it or appreciate it when it launched.
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