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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Best of Both Worlds Parts 1&2 - Theater - I went to the Fantom Events showing of Star Trek: TNG Best of Both Worlds Parts 1&2. I thought for sure that I would be the only person in the theater but I was presently wrong. Their was an actual good size crowd, I would say more then 50 people. The night started off with trivia and pictures being shown on screen. Then the presentation started with the new documentary on Best of Both Worlds. Then the episodes, followed by bloopers and out takes from the episodes and it finished with a preview of the release of Season 4 of TNG. I was a bit sad we didn't get an exclusive clip or trailer for Into Darkness but that's okay.

Seeing it again made me realize exactly how great these two episodes were. I often vacillate between which are the best episode of TNG and I think for me that seeing this again has put that to bed, for me for awhile anyway. With everything going on in the episodes you kinds forget about all the character development that actually happens in this episode. Everyone remembers Elizabeth Dennehy from the episode but George Murdock was great as the Admiral. While I liked Jonathan Frakes, I was never really a fan of Riker. However revisiting these episode has given me a new appreciation for his work. I think he really did the heavy lifting in these episodes and he was up to the task.
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