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teacake wrote: View Post
Probably best to wikipedia them Sector 7 as you'll get lots of photos and info
Where's the fun in that? I would much rather we discussed it here. Then I could learn AND enjoy!
Tonight I got my Gjetost.

It is very sweet, caramelly, goats milky, fudgy cheese that I'm eating on rye and with a bit of apple and mostly on its own in thin slices. It's pretty unique. One of my earliest childhood memories is of eating Gjetost but I haven't had it in about 10 years so I'm thoroughly enjoying it. We used to peel it with a vegetable peeler and let the transparent slices melt in our mouth. It's made from boiling the whey and cream down to an rich brown evaporated state. I'm sure it is very bad for you
That's what I'm talking about, teacake! Photos and descriptions to make me drool!

Gjetost seems to be a very decadent pleasure. Where I live, none is to be found, but I can still dream... I have had something similar a long time ago. I am sure it was an imitation of Gjetost, as it was more like a chocolate fudge creamy dessert cheese. I no longer remember the name.
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