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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

The theater I went to was *packed* - far better than the Season 2 event, which was maybe 20 people.

BOBW looked fantastic, especially the new effects. But did anyone feel like the scenes in the ready room and sickbay in Part 2 looked odd? Maybe it was just a lighting choice at the time, but they looked much less sharp and colorful than the rest of the episode.

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Line of the day was from Guinan: Did you f*ck the program? -- just about died at that one!
We got a bigger reaction from Worf's "I never played with Bo--" line. The crowd was rolling for several seconds (perhaps a minute or two).
That one had our crowd rolling, but Castillo's "I think maybe I'd like it better if you called me Dick" absolutely brought the house down.
Odo: Your faith seems to have led you to something of a contradiction.
Kira: I don't see it as a contradiction.
Odo: I don't understand.
Kira: That's the thing about faith. If you don't have it, you can't understand it and if you do, no explanation is necessary.
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