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Re: Lost as an one-season miniseries

the reason I kept watching it was because the writers said they learned from the xfiles and twin peaks and they wouldn't let their mythology turn into a mess the way those shows did,,,that's also why I analyzed it but I was misled. Now had it all came together like they said then that would have been great. But looking back it is pretty clear the writers got by with an endless string of mysteries and OMG twists,cliffhangers. They clearly had for the most part no idea how to develop them or give them payoffs. Essentially it was a case of the writers throwing a bunch of ideas and teasers together.

and like I said I kept watching until the end because unlike most dramas lost was one big epic story that couldn't be fairly judged without watching the whole thing given its interconnected nature. Pretty much up until season six the show was a series of repeated set up and open ended threads sitting there dangling waiting for the writers to get around to finally addressing them.

I had no idea they didn't know what they were doing. Fool me once shame on lindelof cuse. Fool me twice shame on me hence no more of these convoluted sff lost type shows.
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