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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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So what? That doesn't answer why the Borg are less deserving of survival than Tuvix.
Like I said, the Borg are always a threat. The Collective's entire existence is driven by the threat to assimilate others. It cannot, by definition, be permitted to exist. That's the difference.
They don't assimilate everything, only those of interest to them. Lions are always a threat, too, we don't exterminate them. That is not the point, though. Why are the Borg intrinsically less deserving of survival than Tuvix? Why is separating Seven from the Borg Collective OK, but getting Neelix and Tuvok out of theirs not OK?
This thread has been around for a while. Could someone summarize how we got from the moral dilemma of Tuvix to comparing him to the borg? Somebody just give me the highlights?
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