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I'm glad the spoilers have put me off seeing it? Means I've saved a chunk of money and time.
Oh, please, don't act like reading the spoilers finally tipped the scales for you. You've been way too invested in your persona here to contend that you had an open mind about the movie up until this point. You've spent too much time and energy ranting about the movie you haven't seen yet, Abrams, the writers, and the fans to turn back now.

It's been perfectly obvious how you were going to react to the movie for months now:

1) Complain endlessly and irrationally for months in threads discussing the movie you knew little about and insult anyone who is a fan of the previous film and who might enjoy this one.

2) Pick an important moment to grandstand in a thread about the movie and self-righteously announce that you aren't going to waste your money on this abomination like all the Abrams sheeple and that you were no longer going to post here.

3) Pay to go see the movie in theaters so you can know the details enough to argue about it despite promising you wouldn't go see it and that you would stay away from the discussions.

4) Never admit that you paid to see the movie, and instead proudly insist that you saw a bootleg of the film at a "friend's house" so that you can claim to argue from authority, brag about not paying, and still not feel guilty about stealing because it wasn't you, it was "a friend."

5) ???

6) Profit!!!

A Wrath of Khan blockbuster pastiche set on Earth and featuring magic blood?
Again, how is regenerative properties in Augment blood more implausible than a magical light up dildo that creates entire habitable planets out of dust and brings Spock back from the dead? The transformative properties of Augment DNA have already been established in prior canon on Enterprise. Deal with it.

How retarded do they think the audience is exactly?
You know, I would be fine with you guys having a negative opinion about the films if you just restricted it to that. But you always have to take it that one extra step and insult the intelligence of the fans who have a different opinion from you, and that's why you're so insufferable.

Plus, "retarded," really? Stay classy.

Star Trek on film is fucking dead to me now. I'll be staying out of this section and focusing on Trek literature to take my minds off this jizz-covered shit. Anti-intellectualism is dangerous and entirely uncool.

See you in a few weeks after you see the "bootleg" at your "friend's house" and predictably return to tell us how despite your total open mindedness the movie is a complete piece of shit just like you've said it would be all along. Abrams' "slimy face" will enjoy spending the money that you said you wouldn't spend on seeing the movie.
I think my girlfriend has a magic light up dildo, didn't know I could use it to create planets!!
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