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Re: characters getting stick for not being "perfect"?

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I wonder if Jellico's confinement of Riker to quarters was something amended by Riker and Jellico. Confining the guy who saved Earth is going to hurt Jellico's record as well as Riker. Plus, Captains have to find a way to get along with their crew. Relieving your XO after a week just doesn't look good.
Confining Riker wouldn't be a bad mark for Jellico. No matter how bnig a hero Riker might have been ealier on in the series, at that point he was an insubordinate and unprofessional boob. Jellico let him off easy.

Captains don't need to find a way to get along with their crews as much as crews need to find a way to get along with their captains. And it was Riker's job as XO to facilitate that process, which he did not do.

If they'd carted Picard off to the loony bin after having been tortured and left Jellico in command of the Big E for the rest of the series, i would have been okay with that.
It depends...yeah the guys in Band of Brothers got their asses handed to them, but David Shwimmer got a 'desk job' as well.

The really weird and dumb thing about that episode is Troi's comment "He doesn't know what he's doing" (or something like that) Yeah, Riker is written as loony tunes, but I'm telling you unless they agree to call it 'stress', they're both in hot water when Starfleet asks..."You had to relieve the XO of our Flagship after a week? WTF? That happens like once every five years!"

He felt he had to relieve him cause he was insubordinate and out of control, but not so out of control he could be trusted with a crucial shuttle mission. That's Captain Queeg territory right there.

But you're right (and the nitpicker book guy) that the crew comes off like a bunch of spoiled brats.
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