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The Voice is always a fun distraction. I really like the format changes in seasons 3 and 4. The first two seasons had a few completely ridiculous eliminations. Like, Jeff Jeffries in the round of 16 when he was 1000 times better than the person Adam saved, or Tony Lucca (The worst person in the entire live rounds) beating Katrina Parker even though she got well over half the vote because Adam inexplicably thought he was cool.
If season 3 had the same format as the first two seasons, I suspect Adam's bromance would've kept Bryan Keith around to the end.

I think he dropped Jeff Jenkins in season 1 so that Javier Colon would have a clear path into the finals. But on the other hand, Jenkins really picked some bad songs to sing after his excellent blind audition.

For the most part, unless the singer has an awesome performance that was completely unexpected, Adam makes his pre-live round selection on who he thinks has the better talent rather than who he thinks actually won that particular round.
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