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Re: Ant-Man Movie

Them! had some great Ant Battles.

Imagine the hazing process Pym would have to go through before the ants accepted him?

How come Pym never has used Pym particles to make giant ants?

An Ant the size of a Sky Scraper, a hundred Ants the size of sky scrapers who obey Hank Pyms every instruction should be able to take out even Ultron.

Why hasn't Pym ended world Hunger?

He's made tiny Prisons, but he's never made 8 hundred foot cows... Which would devastate the landscape... Shrinking the people before they eat regular sized cows... Or growing meat post mortem?

Why are they obsessed with making Gamma bombs which create Hulks, when they could be dropping Pym particle bombs on the terrorist camps all over the middle east to guarantee the wests supremecy? Lets see what a fricking suiside bomber can do now that their suiside vest has the explosive potential of a fire cracker?

It's a magnificently humane weapon, actually a pymbomb is more than humane, it's humilitaing.
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