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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

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The bridge didn't have extra stations because they didn't want a bridge full of control consoles. It was the whole "technology unchained" idea: with all the high tech, you don't need a bunch of people sitting at stations all day. The rear stations were they for the odd times they wanted/needed them. It wasn't a matter of money, 4x3 considerations or whatever else you want to invent.

And you don't need a wide set to shoot widescreen, you just have to know how to frame a shot.
Framing Worf in was hard even in 4:3. I'm kinda surprised they didn't wind up dutching low-angle shots past Picard looking up at him. Ideally, they should have built a little sinkhole for him to stand in to bring him down in the frame (especially given the actor's height.)
The captain's chair was also set several feet below where Worf stood.
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