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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Almost done with Revenge of the Sith. Way better than the movie. Its a toss up with Darth Plagueius, but I think this could be the the best Star Wars novel I've read to this point in my chronological read threw the EU.
Isn't it fantastic? I was totally shocked.
I was definitely great. It did seem to follow the movie closer toward the first half, simply filling in blanks between scenes. In the second half it felt like a total rewrite of the fim, dialog and detail wise. It was a superior rewrite in many ways, but I did have the feeling for most of the book that it should have stuck closer to the film and simply expanded upon what wasn't shown and what was going on in the characters minds. When it did that it was totally amazing.

Now on to Republic Commando: Order 66.

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