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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Equally, in “The Trouble With Tribbles”, Scotty is not reading the manual of the Enterprise but simply a “technical journal”:

“Another technical journal, Scotty?” “Aye” (= YES)
But you’re ignoring that this graphic was originally intended and created for "Space Seed" and all the contextual evidence that goes with this knowledge about Khan reading up specifically on ships like the one he is on and intends to take over, as feek61 pointed out.

…Matt Jefferies was the father and creator of the Enterprise, and as such he was the authority on the subject and not some “Lost in Space” fan or a Trekker who got lost in a pet theory invoking divine design.
Like yourself perhaps?

One thing that a lot of people conveniently ignore is that the Enterprise is as much Roddenberry's baby as it is Jefferies' If it had not been for Roddenberry constantly refining what Jefferies was coming up with, the enterprise would not look anything like it does, but more like the early sphere or ring ships, or worse!
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