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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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where's the love for Arex and Edoans?
At Star Trek: Phase II starting at the 7 minute mark of this video...!

Even if we don't see him or his species in the next movie, I personally feel that Greg Schnitzer and the rest of the production crew of Phase II have done the Edoan admirable justice!

Incidentally, in the thread that showcased this preview, I asked Greg Schnitzer if there might be the slightest chance in h3ll that M'Ress might get a glimpsing cameo in a future production. I presented my query with post # 88 found on page 6 of that thread.

It started with a reserved, "Well it would be gimmicky," but by page 8, other fellows associated with the production were pondering the technical aspects. That does NOT necessarily mean they will do it, but the feedback was a bit more positive than a "Get the ^&*% outa' here, you freak!"


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