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Unresolved sequels in the Star Wars EU question

I'm thinking of skipping two titles in my chronological read of the Star Wars EU. I'm hoping to avoid major spoilers, but I know a little about the books I'm asking about already.

I'm starting Order 66 right now, and I'm wondering since Imperial Commando 2 is never coming out, would Order 66 serve as a fitting finale to the series? Will I be missing anything by skipping 501st? Does Order 66 end on a cliffhanger?

A similar situation is approaching with The Force Unleashed. From tidbits I've read, it seems TFU2 ends with major events unresolved. Is the original TFU self contained or does it end needing resolution in a sequel as well? I'm hoping to just read the first, have a fitting ending, and pretend the sequel doesn't exist.

Thanks for any help!

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