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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x11 "Contagion"

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One last observation, I wonder if the destruction of the Yamato, plus the numerous civilians who surely died at Wolf 359, caused Starfleet to get it in its head that having a bunch of families and kids on starships is generally a bad idea.
Given the events in some of the episode, perhaps Starfleet thought that having a bunch of families and kids on planets was generally a bad idea.

Spouses and children are likely safer on a ship, than in a city if there is shooting going on.

And there was no good reason for the families to be taken into combat at wolf359, they should have been loaded into lifeboats and ejected into space light years short of the combat area. The ships had to travel to the combat area, it wasn't some kind of surprise.

But for all we know, only the Saratoga's Captain was so stupid as to have not done this.

A planet isn't likely to be sent to the Neutral Zone or to fight the Borg.

It seems rather unlikely the Saratoga was the only ship with civilians on board (though perhpas a few docked at a starbase may have had time to offload some non-essential personnel). Why they didn't stick them on shuttlecraft and tell them to clear the battle zone before the shooting started (this would keep the escape pods free if they needed to abandon ship) is beyond me
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