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If I put my critical viewing cap on, I'd say there have been two very good (TWOK, 09), three good (TVH, TUC, First Contact), four mediocre (TMP, TSFS, Generations, Insurrection) and two bad (TFF, Nemesis) Trek films--my general criteria being in comparison to similar kinds of films with similar kinds of ambitions.

However, when it comes to Trek (as it does with Bond--two franchises I came to as a kid and which provoke feelings of nostalgia), I rarely put that critical viewing cap on. I have my own hierarchy of favourites, but I have enjoyed every series and every film (a few episodes I find ridiculous, scattered across series, that I will probably never re-watch--none of the films has been as bad as the worst of the series episodes, though). I overlook all sorts of shortcomings that I would not overlook in other films outside Bond and Trek. Don't really have a rational explanation for it--it just is. So I'm sure I'll enjoy this film quite a bit too. It will certainly be the best looking of all of them.
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